Sunday, October 29, 2006

Rub together, right now, over me

Lets rub together two key ID concepts vis the origins of life on earth and see what sound they make.

1) The universe is designed for life. Dozens of universal constants, physical laws, and physical circumstances - from the strength of the electroweak force to the unique phase states of water to the emergence of habitable zones in the universe - display values and behaviors that are tuned with exacting precision to foster the emergence of life. Moreover, the earth, a “privileged planet,” has been endowed with the required dimensions and planfully situated in orbit around a specific class of star, at a specific distance, within a specific habitable zone of the universe such that not only is the emergence of life inevitable, but the emergence of intelligent organisms capable of making scientific observations and ultimately discovering these markers of design is inevitable.

2) It is impossible that life arose on earth without special intervention from an intelligent designer. The complexity observed in subcellular machinery of contemporary organisms tells us that it is impossible that self-catalyzing reactions capable of reproduction could have emerged without the special intervention of a designing intelligence. Indeed, other transitions observed throughout the history of life – the emergence of flagellar propulsion, multicellular body plans, the major phyla, human intelligence and morality – required the repeated infusion of additional information, hence the intervention of a designer or designers.

So lets rub these ideas together:

- The very fabric of the universe is designed for life, and the earth was situated to foster life.

- It is impossible that life emerged and evolved spontaneously on earth.

(rub rub rub)


(rub rub rub rub)

Still nothing.

I do smell something, however.


Anonymous said...

This is horrible. Much like all of evolutionary theory.

Reciprocating Bill said...

Just plain horrible. But in what way?